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"A curious blend of charismatic vocals and soothing melodies
come together to create Matt's unique style of soulful storytelling R&B"

Matt Jaylo Side Profile (Transparent)
Matt Jaylo Side Profile (Transparent)


When I was younger I worked really hard to fit into different crowds in the social game. As I bounced from group to group I found myself surrounded by questionable individuals who I followed into a path of self destruction.

During those dark times I learned a lot about myself, what I wanted in life, and where I would end up if I stayed on that path. After a close call I decided it was time to clean up my act and take control of my future.

I dove head first into music, met my engineer, and learned how important it was to stay true to Plan A which was to create a career in music for myself.

I spent a lot of my early music career exploring some of my past experiences with friends and family while also shining a spotlight on the more enjoyable elements of youth.

As I matured into my music I found myself gravitating towards smoother melodies, more grounded content, and really exploring what I was capable of.

I'm no where near being complete as an artist but I am striving to continue to develop my craft while sharing everything I can in the music I make. You can hear some of what I've bene up to below!

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